Privacy Policy

Nagayama has set the following privacy policies and will strive to ensure the protection and proper distribution of collected personal information.

Collection, Use and Sharing of Personal Information
Nagayama collects personal information for the reasons below and will only use this information within these scopes. Collected personal information of our customers will not be provided or disclosed to any third party unless we obtain the consent of the customers.
・ To fulfill contractual responsibilities with our business partners/customers
・ To develop better products and provide better service
・ To convey useful information to our business partners/customers
・ Other legitimate purposes
Proper Management of Personal Information
Personal information for our business partners/customers will be securely managed to make sure that there will be no loss, destruction, falsification, leaks and unauthorized access
Compliance with Laws and Regulations related to Personal Information
Nagayama will comply with all laws and regulations concerning the Personal Information Protection Law when handling personal information of our business partners/customers.
Outsourcing Personal Information
Nagayama may outsource the handling of personal information to a third party in order to achieve the above purpose. When we do outsource, we will ensure the proper handling, inspection and implementation.
Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information
If and when our business partners/customers require correction, deletion or further information regarding personal information, please contact our office.
Maintaining and Improving the Security for Personal Information
To ensure the proper handling of personal information for our business partners/customers, Nagayama will conduct training for our employees. In addition, we will inspect to ensure personal information is handled properly, and if necessary, review security measures and make any necessary changes.
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