Nagayama Co., Ltd. was founded in 1967.

We are one of the world's largest manufacturers and exporters of T-nuts representing the largest selection in T-nut fasteners for the world market.

In addition to T-nut fasteners, we manufacture a wide variety of industry fasteners; Rivet nuts, Weld Nuts, Pallet Nuts, Propeller Nuts and custom specials.

The tough rivet T-nuts, CB/NHF series is one of most popular items in upholstered production market and provides Ultimate fastener solutions to increase efficiency and to eliminate expensive rework costs. CB/NHF series has been patented providing of overseas and domestic and established Nagayama's brand in the world markets.

With the expansion of our manufacturing lines, we support our customers with providing the online direct delivery system.

These products are not usually seen by you, but they are certainly connected to your daily life.
Half a century has passed since Nagayama was established in 1969, and in July 2018, we established a new system aiming for the next half century. All employees are working on manufacturing with new feelings to satisfy our customers even further.

We aim to be honest, polite and trusted by everyone. We will contribute to society through our products, comply with laws and regulations, and work as one as team. We appreciate your support and guidance.

Nagayama Co., Ltd.
CEO Seiichi Nagayama


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